How a pitch invader beat security to close in on Kohli in the World Cup final

The individual has been identified as Wen Johnson, an Australian TikToker and goes by the name Pajama Man on Instagram.

A pitch invader in support of Palestine in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas runs onto the pitch of the Narendra Modi Stadium and tries to hug India’s Virat Kohli during the Cricket World Cup final Latest 2023, November 19. Reuters

The much-anticipated Latest Cricket World Cup 2023 final between India and Australia in Ahmedabad had to be halted after a pitch invader, identified as Wen Johnson of Australia, managed to escape security , jumped the boundary rope and ran onto the field and even approached Virat. Kohli. He was surrounded by security guards from all sides and was taken off the field.

This isn’t the first time Johnson has tried to attract attention by running onto the field during live sporting events.

In August, he disrupted the Women’s World Cup final between England and Spain. At the time, he was wearing a “Free Ukraine” T-shirt with “Stop Putler” printed on it. On this occasion, her actions caused a delay in the first half of the Women’s World Cup final.

During the India vs Australia match on Sunday, Johnson, dressed in red shorts and a white t-shirt, ran onto the field with the messages “Stop Bombing Palestine” on the front and “Free Palestine” in the back, as well as a face. mask in the colors of Palestine.

Johnson is an Australian TikToker who goes by the name Pajama Man on Instagram. According to a Crime Branch release, he indulges in such publicity stunts, associating himself with current international issues to gain fame.

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The statement also revealed that Johnson’s father is of Chinese descent, his mother is from the Philippines and that he resides in Sydney while working for a solar panel company.

When he entered the stadium in the first innings, Johnson wore the blue jersey of the Indian team, with a white t-shirt bearing the message ‘Free Palestine’ underneath. And as soon as he walked around the security guards, he removed the jersey before running towards Kohli. His stunt led to legal consequences, as a court in Gandhinagar on Monday remanded him to police custody for a day.

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