Greg Brockman still announcing OpenAI products for some reason

Former OpenAI President Greg Brockman – who, as far as we know, is not currently employed in any capacity at OpenAI – posts OpenAI product updates on X, including one today on the storytelling feature ChatGPT voice access made available to everyone. ChatGPT users.

Perhaps Brockman is simply expressing pride in his colleagues’ work. Maybe the Microsoft job offer fell through. Perhaps negotiations with OpenAI’s board to bring back him and Sam Altman — who was OpenAI’s CEO until Friday, when the board abruptly fired him — are further along than foreseen. (Brockman resigned in protest Friday night.) Who knows? At this point in OpenAI’s chaotic saga, it’s anyone’s guess.

OpenAI’s existential crises aside, the aforementioned voice feature for ChatGPT, which was announced in September and has begun rolling out to premium subscribers of ChatGPT, OpenAI’s AI-powered chatbot, there is a few weeks, is powered by a text-to-speech model that can generate human voices from text and just a few seconds of sampled speech. OpenAI said it partnered with established voice actors to create five different voices, with its open source speech recognition system Whisper used to transcribe verbal utterances into text.

To enable the voice feature, users can go to the settings menu in the ChatGPT Android or iOS apps and tap the headset icon.

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