George RR Martin’s latest update on Winds of Winter isn’t great

Well, maybe it is – after all, that’s part of writing a novel like in the works for a long time and expansive like The Winds of Winterthe last novel of the Song of Ice and Fire series that gave us Game Of Thrones, go back and revise things. But if you hoped that the author Latest update from George RR Martin about the book he was hoping for stop keeping us informed would come with a shiny new number, so, bad news.

“The main thing I write, of course, is the same thing,” Martin recently said of The winds during an appearance on Bangcast. “I wish I could write as fast as (Writer of the Last Kingdom) Bernard Cornwell but I’m 12 years late on the damn novel and I’m having trouble with it,” Martin said.

“I have about 1,100 pages written but I still have hundreds of pages to go,” the writer continued. “She’s a great book mother for some reason. Maybe I should have started writing smaller books at first, but it’s difficult. This is the main thing that dominates most of my professional life.

This figure of 1,100 is familiar to anyone who has followed the history of Winter winds being written over a good part of their lives – that’s the same number of pages Martin gave around this time last year, when he discussed the novel on THE Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Then, Martin estimated that he still had about 500 or more pages left to write, having previously estimated that The winds would be the longest novel in the series to date, surpassing the approximately 1,500 manuscript pages for Dance with dragons And Storm of Swords.

This may not be the update people were hoping for when it comes to Winter winds, but it’s still an update. Reiteration and revision are part of any writing process, let alone an undertaking as large and with expectations as high as Winter winds– and as Martin enters what is hopefully finally the final stretch to finishing his manuscript, maybe a year of working on what he already had was exactly what he needed .

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