Free yourself from Netflix and cable TV with 25% off a LIFETIME Plex Pass subscription for Black Friday

Cable TV and streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ have traditionally been the modern way to bring your favorite media into your eyes. But there is another way, especially if you already have a collection or have access to OTA TV channels. Plex is a one-stop shop for organizing and streaming your favorite video and audio content to any device you own, and for Black Friday you can sign up for a lifetime subscription to its premium offering for 25% less. And you absolutely should.

Plex is an incredible software that essentially allows you to create your own TV and radio service from the comfort of your home. You can get started with your existing Windows PC, all you need to do is download the media server client and have a place to store your media. Plex will do all the work and it’s pretty easy to set up with a simple to navigate user interface. From there, install apps on your console, TV, mobile devices, just about anything you own can access Plex.

If you’re still mourning Windows Media Center, this is the spiritual successor.

OTA TV and Plex DVR

(Image credit: Windows Central)

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