Flipboard abandons X and switches to Mastodon instead

Flipboard is the latest company to end its presence on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. In a post Tuesday, the company said it would no longer “actively monitor or post updates on X” other than occasional retweets. Instead, Flipboard will refocus its efforts on Mastodon and other open social platforms.

The reasons for Flipboard’s departure from and Flipboard’s goal of working with federated social media services. In recent months, Flipboard has joined a growing list of companies, including Mozilla, Tumblr and Medium, that use the ActivityPub protocol to integrate with federated platforms.

“As has been widely reported, Twitter/X’s rollback of moderation policies has led to an increase in harmful speech and hate speech and its platform’s decisions have promoted false narratives and misinformation. These changes go against our values ​​and so we have decided to invest in other, healthier environments,” Flipboard wrote in a post on Medium.

Ties between Flipboard and Instead, X urged businesses to join its paid API tier – for which an Enterprise plan has been flagged by Platform it would cost up to $42,000 per month.

The company also launched its own podcast on the open social web, Social Point, which will be hosted by Mike McCue, CEO of Flipboard. The first episode, released today, features Techdirt founder Mike Masnick.

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