Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2 reveals gameplay trailer and release date

It’s been a big year for the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, after the long-awaited film adaptation finally arrived in theaters. The franchise will also receive one additional game before the end of the year, with the second game in the VR spinoff series Help Wanted available on December 14.

The PS VR 2 game is an expansion of the original, allowing players to get up close and personal with the series’ spooky after-hours restaurants and the animatronics that inhabit them. Like the first game, Help Wanted 2 will require the player to complete themed mini-games while trying to stay alive.

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In a post on the PlayStation Blog, executive producer Ray McCaffrey explains more about the title and its mini-games. Help Wanted 2 features six mini-game categories: Backstage, Fazcade, Staff Only, Food Prep, Ticket Booth, and Sister Location.

Yes, part of Help Wanted 2 will feature Sister Location gameplay translated to VR, meaning players will be able to meet Circus Baby and a whole new cast of haunted animatronics while playing through classic FNAF scenes.

Mini-games developed specifically for Help Wanted 2 include behind-the-scenes tasks like fixing (and restraining) rogue attractions, helping Roxanne Wolf with her makeup and styling, or serving food to hungry customers. The game also includes a number of attractions that you can take for a test drive, including classic arcade games, as well as the log shooter Captain Foxy’s Cowboy Adventure. Help Wanted 2 also uses the PS VR 2’s eye-tracking feature in a mini-game in which you can do your best to fool fortune teller Mystic Hippo.

The sequel will be released ahead of schedule on December 14 for PS VR 2.

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