Firefox users experience slow loading times on YouTube

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  • Several Firefox users have taken to social media to express their frustration over YouTube’s slow loading time on the browser.
  • Google confirmed that the issue is closely related to its recent efforts to crack down on YouTube ad blockers that were preventing users from monetizing their content through ads.
  • According to some Redditors, the video streaming platform spotted faster loading times by spoofing Firefox as Google Chrome.
  • Google added that any user with an ad blocker installed may be affected by this issue, regardless of the browser they are using.

Several Firefox users have taken to Reddit to voice their concerns, pointing out YouTube’s less than pleasant user experience. According to users, when they try to stream videos on the platform, the webpage adds a five-second delay.

Youtube has started artificially slowing down video loading times if you’re using Firefox. Chrome Impersonation makes this problem magically disappear. from r/youtube

Oddly enough, the problem seems to be resolved when switching to another browser like clockwork. Alternatively, changing the user agent using developer tweaks also does the trick, according to a Foss News article.

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