FBI Star Leaves Main Show, Joins Spinoff Cast


  • Shantel VanSanten leaves FBI has FBI: Most Wanted for season 5, joining the ensemble as Special Agent Nina Chase.
  • VanSanten’s character, Nina Chase, is portrayed as a talented FBI agent who is in a relationship with Stuart Scola, and they raise their son together.
  • Previous cast members, such as Alexa Davalos and Julian McMahon, have also left the cast. FBI franchise, with Davalos’ departure being described as “friendly“.



A recognizable star of FBI is becoming a spinoff in the franchise’s latest casting change. Co-created by Law and order masterminds Dick Wolf and Craig Turk, the procedural drama is going well for CBS. The original FBI the series, which first premiered in 2018, led to the spinoff FBI: International And FBI: Most Wanted. This latest show will begin with its season 5 in February and will welcome a familiar face.

Deadline confirms Shantel VanSanten will leave FBI and taking on the role of Special Agent Nina Chase for FBI: Most Wanted season 5. The actress, also known for her roles in shows like A tree hill, The boysAnd For all humanityjoined the franchise in FBI season 4 and recurring throughout season 5. The reason for this move is not mentioned in the report, although it is the latest of several changes to the set. FBI together.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 5 begins on February 13, 2024.

Special Agent Nina Chase Joins the FBI: Most Wanted (and Other Character Exits)

Nina Chase is portrayed as a capable FBI agent. She is lively, strong-willed and no stranger to undercover work. Despite the move, Nina remains in contact with FBIStuart Scola (John Boyd) of , as they raise their infant son Douglas. Its addition to FBI: Most Wanted comes after another actor was confirmed to be leaving the spinoff over the summer.

It was revealed in August that Alexa Davalos would not return to FBI: Most Wanted. The actor, who has played Special Agent Kristin Gaines since season 3, was told by a producer that she would not return after filming her final scenes in FBI: Most Wanted season 4. According to reporting at the time, Davalos’ exit was described by multiple sources as “friendly“On the show, there was no indication that Gaines would leave.

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FBI is no stranger to big releases. The franchise saw the release of Dusk former Kellan Lutz, an original cast member who left after three seasons, and perhaps most notably, FBI: Most Wanted lost Julian McMahon (Pinch/Tuck, Charm), who played the main character Jess LaCroix. The character had a shocking exit, dying after being shot in the neck, and was replaced by veteran actor Dylan McDermott (American horror story, The practice) like Rémy Scott.

Source: Deadline

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