Face/Off director John Woo is not a fan of superhero films, he prefers “real cinema”

John Woo, the director behind action favorites like Hard Boiled, Face/Off and Mission: Impossible 2, doesn’t like superhero movies or stuff with lots of special effects. The filmmaker prefers to watch “old-fashioned” films or Martin Scorsese projects.

Speaking to Variety, Woo talked about his movie preferences while promoting Silent Night, starring Suicide Squad’s Joel Kinnamon. “I never liked watching movies with big special effects, or anything based on comic books,” he said. “I prefer Martin Scorsese films, that kind of cinema. I can’t wait to see Killers of the Flower Moon. I like old-fashioned films, you know? Real cinema. There aren’t many movies like that lately.”

It’s been more than four years since Scorsese himself declared that Marvel films are not cinema but rather “amusement parks.” The famous director even clarified his comments about the superhero film in a New York Times opinion piece. But Scorsese didn’t back down, mentioning that “nothing is in danger” in a Marvel movie.

Meanwhile, Silent Night marks Woo’s first time directing a Hollywood film in 20 years, his last previous American film being 2003’s Paycheck with Ben Affleck. The upcoming Christmas movie sees Kinnamon’s character Godlock getting shot in the throat early on. As such, Silent Night is fundamentally a silent film. “There’s no dialogue in the entire movie! I thought that would be great for me because it would allow me to use my gifts to tell a story visually,” Woo explained.

Lionsgate plans to release Silent Night in theaters on December 1.

Image credit: Getty Images/Amy Sussman

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