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Fortnite has just announced its Big Bang event, and reports are already circulating that Eminem will be one of the many surprises in store.

According to Fortnite leaker @HYPEX, the upcoming Big Bang event will be the largest multiplayer game yet, weighing in at over 1.5 GB. In addition to providing the artwork featuring an animated version of the rapper, the leaker also claims that LEGO will make an appearance , and that there will also be a rhythm mode and a race mode.

According to @HYPEX, the rhythm mode will allow you to play vocals, guitar, drums and bass. It will take place on December 9 and you can expect the following artists and songs to be featured:

  • Alice Cooper – “Poison”
  • Imagine the Dragons – “Thunder”
  • Lady Gaga – “Pokerface”
  • Linkin Park – “Numb”
  • Toto – “Africa”

Another leaker, @iFireMonkey, revealed two Eminem skins. One has the rapper with his signature blonde hair, while the other has him in a suit and fedora that he wears on his Music to murder album.

As for the official details, all we know so far is that Epic has the event scheduled for Saturday, December 2, 2023, at 2 p.m. ET. It will be available in Discover’s Battle Royale tile 30 minutes before and will support groups of up to four players. This is described as “a new beginning”, which may explain why Fortnite go all out.

For those who don’t have a dedicated gaming device, you can use the NVIDIA GeForce NOW and Amazon Luna services to access the game via cloud gaming.

This will not be the first major musical event in Fortnite. Past concerts have featured artists like Travis Scott and Ariane Grande, and the experience has been interactive allowing you to enjoy a virtual concert from the comfort of your home.

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