Echo Dot with Clock is 42% off in Amazon’s Black Friday sale

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Black Friday deals are the perfect opportunity to snag some super cheap electronics that you wouldn’t necessarily consider outside of the holidays. For example, take the Amazon Echo Dot with clock. If you don’t already have an Alexa device, this is a good place to start. Since it’s only $35 left after a steep 42% discount ($25 off), why not snag it? It’s a good starting point for building a larger smart home system with video doorbells, smart lights and more. Amazon Black Friday deals are already well underway, so grab this one while it’s still available.

Why should you buy Amazon Echo Dot with clock

There’s nothing too fancy about the Amazon Echo Dot line. It has no visual interface, unless you count the digital clock in this model. You do all your interfacing via voice commands with Alexa. In that sense, there’s really no limit to what she can do. If you only have the Echo Dot, Alexa will text you, add items to your Amazon list, play music, or look up information like word definitions, the weather, or who won the soccer game. last night.

The Amazon Echo Dot starts to get interesting as you build out the rest of your smart home. If you prefer a screen, you can grab an Amazon Echo Show and make it your primary device. The Dot can be relegated to the bedroom or kitchen, and the devices will all communicate with each other. If you have robot vacuums or smart bulbs, you can control them simply by asking Alexa. Start with this Echo Dot and expand from there.

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If you don’t already have an Amazon Echo, the fifth-generation Echo Dot with Clock would be a great place to start. It’s down to just $35 from the usual $60 today. If you ever want to buy one, now is the time, whether to start your own smart home ecosystem or as a gift for the holdouts in your life. Check it out now on Amazon before it sells out. Amazon Echo Black Friday deals are always popular ahead of the holidays.

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