Does Shin Hye-Sun’s film See You in My 19th Life have a happy or sad ending?

See you in my 19th life is a 2023 South Korean drama film based on a webtoon of the same name. The Netflix series stars Shin Hye-Sun as Ban Ji-Eum and Ahn Bo-Hyun as Moon Seo-Ha.

The K-drama is the story of a girl who remembers all her past lives. In her 19th life, she decides to reconnect with someone close to her 18th life, which was cut short.

Ji-Eum is reincarnated into a poor family during her 19th life. She ran away as a child and took refuge with a woman, who was Ji-Eum’s niece in one of her lives. The character of Shin Hye-Sun establishes herself in Seo-Ha’s family business. As the two begin to bond, Ji-Eum reunites with her sister from her past life. However, she doesn’t know the consequences of letting others know about her superpower. In the finale, things may not have ended the way viewers hoped, but it was indeed a happy ending.

See you in my 19th end of life explained: Ji-Eum forgets Seo-Ha

Starring Shin Hye-Sun and Ahn Bo-Hyun, the ending of the K-drama See You in My 19th Life turned out to be a bit complicated. While it wasn’t sad, it also didn’t show the main couple together.

Min-Gi helps Ji-Eum remember her first life, in which the former killed her sister and left her to die as well. In this life, she met Seo-Ha for the first time. The finale shows Ji-Eum realizing that her loved ones are in danger because she told them about the secret of her past life. Min-Gi asked her to choose whether she wanted to continue as she lived and lose her loved ones or forget her past lives.

If she chooses the latter solution, she will forget Seo-Ha, her sister Cho-Won (Ha Yoon-Kyung) and everyone from her past lives. Ji-Eum was reluctant at first because she couldn’t imagine her life without Seo-Ha. Towards the end, viewers see that Ji-Eum has forgotten Ahn Bo-Hyun’s character. However, Seo-Ha and Cho-Won remember her and enter her life as strangers.

In the final scene, Seo-Ha approaches Ji-Eum and introduces herself. He tells her that he wants to meet her naturally, implying that he didn’t force her into his new life. He then asks her out – for context, this is how Ji-Eum introduced herself to Seo-Ha at first. He then shows the matching rings they exchanged before Ji-Eum lost her memory. See You in My 19th Life K-drama ends with the two looking into each other’s eyes near a swimming pool.

Where to watch and stream See you in my 19th life?

Rendez-vous dans ma 19e vie on Netflix premiered on June 17, 202. All episodes are currently streaming on the platform. Viewers can also watch K-dramas on HiTV.

The official synopsis for See You in My 19th Life reads: “Ban Ji-eum can reincarnate infinitely. But when her 18th life is cut short, she devotes the next to reuniting with her childhood sweetheart, now an adult.

The cast includes Shin Hae-Sun, Ahn Bo-Hyun, Ha Yoon-Kyung, Ahn Dong-Goo, Park So-Yi, Baek Seung-Chul, Moon Dong-Hyeok, Jeong Hyun-Jun, Lee Bo-Young, Choi Jin . -Ho, Lee Hae-Young, Bae Hae-Sun, Bin Chan-Uk, Lee Chae-Min and Lee Han-Na.

Overall, See You in My 19th Life has a happy ending. The final scene teases Ji-Eum and Seo-Ha’s future romance.

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