Did Dodi really propose to Diana?


  • Season 6 of The Crown dealt with Diana’s death in a heartbreaking way, highlighting the impact it still has today more than 25 years later.
  • Despite the portrayal in The Crown, there is no evidence that Dodi Al-Fayed actually proposed to Diana in real life.
  • Dodi’s proposal in season 6 of The Crown was likely included to address rumors of their engagement that were circulating after their deaths.



The crown Season 6, Part 1 focuses on the final days of Diana’s life and the aftermath of her tragic death, but it raises the question of whether Dodi actually proposed to Diana or not. The crown season 6 made many changes to the true story, as the Netflix series did always took liberties when it comes to the royal family. However, when recreating important real-life events, The crown also strived to achieve a certain degree of precision. There has been much speculation about Diana’s life and death, including her short-lived and highly publicized relationship with Dodi Al-Fayed.

The crown Season 6 handled Diana’s death in a way that honored her life and memory. The story was made even more heartbreaking by the conversations with her young sons, the idea that the accident could have been avoided and the sudden and shocking nature of her death. Diana, Dodi and their driver died on August 31, 1997 in a car accident in Paris, where the princess was vacationing with her boyfriend. During this trip, The crown showed Dodi proposing to Diana, but this maybe this would never have happened in real life.

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There is no proof that Dodi Al-Fayed actually proposed to Diana in real life

Dodi and Mohamed Al-Fayed and Princess Diana in The Crown season 5

Despite the scene of The crown season 6, episode 3, there is no real proof that Dodi proposed to Diana in real life. The belief that they were engaged is based on the purchase of a ring and insistence of Mohamed Al-Fayed. The day before their death, Dodi retrieved a ring with the inscription “Tell me yes,” which translates to “tell me yes.” It was also the title of the episode of The crown season 6. The purchase was listed on the receipt as an engagement ring, suggesting that Dodi may have intended to propose eventually, but there is no evidence that he was able to do so before their deaths.

Additionally, one of Diana’s close friends said that she thinks Diana wouldn’t have married Dodi even if he had proposed. The crown had already made changes to Diana and Dodi’s relationship, which lasted less than two months. Although they were certainly together at the time of their deaths, the seriousness of the relationship differs depending on who you ask. Mohamed Al-Fayed made numerous seemingly false claims about their relationship after their deaths, including that they were engaged and that Diana was pregnant with Dodi’s baby. As reports of Dodi and Diana’s engagement even more sensationalized their tragic endit is unlikely that a proposal ever took place.

Why The Crown Season 6 Changed the True Story to Include a Proposal

Khalid Abdalla and Elizabeth Debicki play Dodi and Diana in season 6 of The Crown

In The crown season 6, episode 3, Dodi proposes to Diana only for her to turn him down. However The crown is known for making up stories to fill in unknown gaps and provide more drama, there is usually a reason behind it. In this case, Dodi’s proposal to Diana was probably added to The crown season 6 to address rumors that they were engaged. Speculation was rife in the press after their deaths, so it made sense that The crown include the scene, even if it was a fictionalized version of the truth.

It is impossible for The crown to really get to know Dodi and Diana’s perspectives and the private details of their relationship, but adding a proposition provides an interesting storyline. The scene in The crown season 6, episode 3 combines the beliefs of their loved ones. Rather than getting them engaged as Mohamed claimed, The crown showed Diana rejecting his proposal, as her friend suggested. The crown Season 6, Part 1, depicted Dodi and Diana’s relationship with a mix of fact and fiction to try to accurately and drama capture their final days.

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