Could EA’s Immortals be coming to Game Pass or PS Plus? Discussions taking place, says developer

Immortals of Aveum, a new IP from former Call of Duty developer Bret Robbins’ Ascendant Studios, launched in August but didn’t generate the kind of numbers it needed. As a result, Ascendant laid off staff. To help improve the game’s fortunes in the long run, many are wondering if the game could be brought to a subscription service like Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus.

Robbins told Windows Central that these services “definitely give you a wider funnel” and that launching Immortals on Game Pass or PS Plus could lead to greater engagement.

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Robbins said discussions are ongoing and he hopes Immortals can join one or both subscription catalogs at some point. “Yes, we are talking to them about the possibility of streaming the game on these two services. We don’t have a date yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen,” he said.

Would Immortals have been better served by launching directly into a subscription service? Robbins said he didn’t know if that would have helped or potentially made things worse.

Ascendant had to downsize because Immortals didn’t meet expectations, but the studio remains operational and is currently working on its next game – it hasn’t been announced yet, however.

Also in the interview, Robbins said the competitive market could have played a role in Immortals’ failure, while the fact that it was a new IP license also brought challenges. “I’ve never seen a year like this,” Robbins said. “Trying to get our name out there was really, really difficult. It’s always difficult for a new license and this year it was 10 times more difficult.”

Immortals is a single-player, first-person “magical shooter” that focuses on a character named Jak, played by Never Have I Ever actor Darren Barnet. GameSpot’s Immortals of Aveum review gave the game a 5/10.

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