Conan O’Brien Brings Back a Clueless Gamer With Starfield, and It’s Quite a Journey

Conan O’Brien brought back the popular Clueless Gamer segment in which the comedian and podcast host plays video games poorly despite having no gaming experience or skills. In this latest entry, O’Brien and his co-host Aaron Bleyaert travel through space on a grand (mis)adventure where O’Brien attempts to flirt with and later deliberately murders a grandmother.

O’Brien stars in a part of Starfield as a character modeled after him, skinny, shirtless, and sporting red hair.

O’Brien and Bleyaert are playing Starfield to not only promote the game, but also Samsung’s cloud gaming platform through the Samsung Gaming Hub. Check out the segment below.

Clueless Gamer launched in 2014 and has featured a number of memorable segments over the years. Like that time, O’Brien was playing Mario Kart with Zac Efron and Seth Rogen in a segment where O’Brien ended up having penises drawn on his forehead.

You can see what other games O’Brien struggled with in other segments of Clueless Gamer, including Doom, Far Cry Primal, Fallout 4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Gaming companies pay O’Brien to appear on Clueless Gamer to promote their games.

Clueless Gamer became so popular that there was talk of turning the series into its own dedicated series, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Earlier this year, SiriusXM purchased O’Brien’s Team Coco podcast company for $150 million. O’Brien is currently working on a new Max travel show called “Conan Must Go.”

As for Starfield, the game has exceeded 11 million players. A story expansion, Shattered Space, is currently in development, but it does not have a release date.

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