Cello Trailer Previews Supernatural Horror Film Starring Tobin Bell

The first official The Cello trailer is here, previewing the upcoming supernatural horror film starring Samer Ismail and starring Tobin Bell and Jeremy Irons.

The film is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, Saw III and Saw IV) and also stars Muhanad Al Hamdi, Elham Ali, Souad Abdullah, Mila Al Zahrani, Baraa Alem, Ghassan Massoud, Basheer Al Ghonam and Mohammed Altoyan.

Check out the trailer for The Cello below (watch other clips and trailers):

What is The Cello about?

“Like many musicians, Saudi cellist Nasser (Samer Ismail) aspires to greatness, even as he feels held back by the old, dilapidated instrument he is forced to play,” reads the film’s official synopsis. “When Nasser is offered the opportunity to take possession of a magnificent red cello by a mysterious merchant (Tobin Bell), he finds new inspiration for both his playing and his composition. What Nasser doesn’t realize is that this cello has a nefarious past. As he prepares for an important audition with a prominent philharmonic player, that past manifests itself in the form of a former conductor (Jeremy Irons) and the suffering and death of those close to him. Nasser must now decide if realizing his dreams is worth the horror of playing such a perfect instrument. »

The Cello is scheduled to hit theaters nationwide on December 8, 2023.

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