Campaign to revive one of Netflix’s most controversial canceled shows addressed by creator


  • The creator of The OABrit Marling, expresses her gratitude to the fans for their passionate campaign to revive the series.
  • Marling appreciates how the series has had a unique and significant impact on viewers around the world.
  • Although the cancellation was disappointing, there is still hope for The OA season 3 if the right conditions and circumstances present themselves.



The OA creator Brit Marling reacts to the passionate campaign to revive the Netflix series. First released in 2016, The OA is a science fiction series about a blind woman who disappears and then miraculously returns to her community seven years later, with her sight fully restored. Cult, it lasted two seasons before being canceled despite its popularity.

Today, Marling, the star and writer behind the series, reacts to the campaign to bring back The OA after its cancellation in 2019. In an interview with VultureMarling expressed her gratitude to fans around the world, whose experience with the series she described as “really beautiful.” Check out his full quote below:

I was in airport security the other day and it was very nice – someone stopped me and said, “I just want you to know that I signed three different petitions for bring back the OA. » I said to myself: “Thank you! And then I walked a little bit and someone else grabbed me from behind and said, “I thought you were the OA, but you’re not the OA.” And I was like, “Oh, I get that all the time.” » I think I had glasses.

It’s strange when something is canceled but is watched by millions of people around the world. OA fans don’t come to you feeling like they want to take a selfie or a photo. They feel like, “Oh, this show did something unique for me.” I was in a remote town in Norway and people knew the moves. I was driving around rural Texas and people knew the moves. It is really beautiful. I never saw it as negative. I think other people reading the comments are even more frustrated on my part. Sometimes people comment, “Just let her move on and live her life!” » But I don’t feel it. Because I understand that it was a feeling they were looking for and it was hard to find. And I feel it too. Maybe it will come back and then they’ll just say, “We’ve been waiting!” And it’s shit!

The controversial cancellation of the OA explained

Kingsley Ben-Adir and Brit Marling in The OA Part II Netflix

The OA was critically acclaimed at the time of its release, with a passionate fan base among its millions of viewers. Season 2 set up a grandiose, reality-altering third season as the series introduced the concept of multiverse time travel. The OA reportedly even had plans for a five-season arc. For this reason, many viewers were shocked and disappointed when Netflix canceled The OA prematurely in 2019 after just two seasons.

Four years after the cancellation, The OA has recently sparked public interest again, as the series’ creators and Netflix executives talk about it. Netflix chief Cindy Holland, for example, said the cancellation The OA was a “sad experience» which was unfortunately made necessary by the high budgetary demands of the series. Following this statement, Marling expressed his sorrow that Netflix couldn’t figure out how to “monetize“an original project like The OAwhich joined the growing list of shows canceled prematurely by the service.

Netflix caused backlash by canceling popular shows such as Warrior nun, Shadow and bonesAnd Lockwood & Co.

While the cancellation is still disappointing for many, all hope is not lost. Marling has already highlighted the “a huge and loyal audience» as the reason why The OA season 3 could happen if “the right conditions and circumstances return.” The designer’s most recent statement echoes this optimism, as she says: “Maybe it will come back.” If Netflix were to change its mind, there would definitely be a handful of fans willing to do so. The OA season 3.

Source: Vulture

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