bitch | Jobson: Prince William still hasn’t ‘forgiven’ Harry, but he will eventually have to

Here’s what happened, in my opinion: King Charles called Prince Harry to talk to him personally about his cancer diagnosis, and Harry immediately told his father that he wanted to visit him in person. Charles quickly ordered the arrangements – including the police escort from Heathrow to Clarence House – and agreed to meet Harry alone, however briefly. They had their short meeting last Tuesday, then Charles went off to Sandringham with Camilla while Harry spent the night in a hotel, and probably met his lawyer David Sherborne in person (since we now know Harry has settled his lawsuit against the Mirror last week). That was all Harry had on his agenda – spending some face-to-face time with Charles and the lawyer. For the entire 48 hour period surrounding Harry’s visit, Prince William was losing his mind, calling every reporter on the tour and ranting about how much he hated Harry and how Harry shouldn’t have come and how he, William , would never meet. with Harry or forgive him.

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All this is to say that there is a rotation of journalists and commentators who do William’s bidding, but who also roll their eyes at his pettiness, laziness and general white-hot rage. Even old guard commentators will dutifully report (for the millionth time) that William “refuses” to see Harry and that William “will never forgive his brother”, and then in the same breath, these commentators say… yeah, but ultimately William will have to let go. Speaking of this, Robert Jobson made some comments:

Prince William was never going to see Prince Harry again after years of attacks from the Duke, a royal expert has claimed. Writer and broadcaster Robert Jobson exclusively told The Sun editor Matt Wilkinson how William could not forgive his brother. Robert believes William never had any interest in meeting Harry after the Duke attacked the prince and princess with huge bombshells on Oprah, Netflix and in his autobiography Spare.

He said: “The message is clear: ‘You are certainly not forgiven and you have certainly done a lot of damage.’ The fact that his brother didn’t even bother to greet him – they were very close and he didn’t even bat an eyelid. There was no chance of that happening.

Jobson now thinks Harry and William need to “grow up” and take care of their father. He said: “We just want Charles to be healthy. Focus on his health, maybe do a little painting, keep people out of his business. People keep coming to ask him questions, putting things on his plate. Which is why it would probably be just fine if William and Harry didn’t make the latter stages of his life a misery, which he said they were doing. They are no longer boys, they are both men. It’s time to grow up.

Jobson added: “Harry is gone. He made his bed, he’s going to sleep in it, that’s all. But what could happen is what William did on that walk after the Queen died. There was a truce. They don’t need to do that, they don’t need to be so explicit. I think Kate said at the time that it was the hardest thing she’d ever had to do. The two brothers must bury the hatchet, telling themselves that they will agree to disagree. Let’s agree not to talk about each other anymore and try to build the relationship. And the same with the king. At the end of the day, they’re men, not boys.

(From the sun)

Well, Harry put aside his differences and security concerns to personally check in with his father and dear old father couldn’t even give him a full hour. Harry was the taller man in every way, and he showed more maturity than his brother and father combined. That being said, I believe Charles and Harry are ready to reconcile in some form and Harry adores his father no matter what, just as I bet Charles “appreciated” that Harry made the effort . That’s the point of the trip – Harry and Charles, and Harry making the effort and flying 14 hours just for 40 minutes. Harry’s efforts draw attention to William’s lack of effort when it comes to his dear old father – William still hadn’t seen his father in person a week after his cancer diagnosis. William was too busy getting angry at Harry to even see Charles. Regardless, even royalists know that William is lazy, childish, ill-prepared, and too stupid to strategize or problem-solve his way out of a wet paper bag.

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