Amazon’s irresistible new deal knocks $600 off the list price of the Surface Pro 9 with i7 power

Remember the good old days when Black Friday was, well, just a day of unbeatable deals on everything you could possibly need to have a merry Christmas? These transactions now occur consistently over long periods of time around Thanksgiving (and well before Turkey Day), creating more space for informed purchasing decisions…and buyer’s remorse.

Like the Motorola ThinkPhone yesterday and likely many other tech products later this week, Microsoft’s mammoth Surface Pro 9 appears to have gotten cheaper in at least one performance-oriented configuration. After the start of Amazon’s extended Black Friday 2023 festivities.
Instead, what you’re looking at here right now is a Core i7 configuration with 16GB of memory and “only” 256GB of fast SSD storage at $600 under a regular price of $1,599.99. It’s obviously not the most impressive Surface Pro 9 unit you can buy right now and it doesn’t include a keyboard or stylus, but it’s certainly affordable enough to crush all of Apple’s best iPads in terms of ratio value for money at the time of writing.
For this newly reduced price of this decidedly remarkable Surface Pro 9 model, all you can get at the time of writing is a 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2022) with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM or a smaller 11-inch Apple M2 beast capable of accommodating twice as much data internally.

While we have no intention of starting a classic, never-ending debate between Windows vs. iPadOS or Apple M2 vs. Intel Core i7, it’s pretty clear that the Surface Pro 9 is a portable productivity machine like no other and its list of faults and disadvantages in these types. reductions is practically non-existent.

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