Amazon is now offering the 45mm Apple Watch Series 9 with 4G LTE at a significant $100 discount

Were you a little disappointed to see Amazon selling the Apple Watch Series 9 with a fairly modest $50 discount on almost all models and variants ahead of Black Friday last week? Turns out the e-commerce giant had something much more substantial in the works when it comes to holiday savings, possibly the best smartwatch you can currently pair with an iPhone.

This presumably “real” Black Friday 2023 deal debuted a few days before Thanksgiving, knocking $100 off the $529 list price of a 45mm Series 9 with standalone cellular connectivity.

If you hurry, you can choose from a few different color options at the same record-breaking discount, and in case you’re wondering, no other major US retailer can match Amazon’s pre-holiday generosity for this particular device … for the moment.

If you have small wrists or don’t think you need your next portable device to be able to make and receive voice calls on your own, we’re afraid you’ll have to continue to settle for a smaller price cut of $50 or $70. It’s definitely not bad either, but we highly recommend taking advantage of the new $100 discount… if you think a 45mm watch won’t bother you too much.
THE Apple Watch Series 9 is… not that different from last year’s Series 8, which might be easier to find at a considerably higher discount in the run-up to Christmas. That’s definitely something to keep in mind before making your final purchasing decision here, although from an impulse buy perspective it’s clearly hard to argue with a brand new Apple Watch at a price special.
Die-hard Apple fans will no doubt appreciate this bad boy’s all-new, powerful S9 processor, along with that decidedly convenient Double Tap gesture and the brighter-than-ever Retina display. Everything else is largely the same as the Apple Watch Series 8, which is obviously no bad thing.

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