A huge “sunspot archipelago”, 15 times larger than Earth, could soon bombard us with solar flares

A close-up image of sunspots

A “sunspot archipelago” larger than 15 Earths has recently become visible on the Sun’s near side of Earth. Dark spots can spew solar storms directly at us. (Image credit: NASA/SDO/HMI)

One of the largest and most densely populated sunspot regions observed in more than a decade has appeared on the Sun’s near side relative to Earth – and has begun to unleash a barrage of significantly shaking solar storms the surface of our home star. The emergence of sunspots could make these weeks interesting for Earth, which will soon be in the crosshairs of these eruptive eruptions. dark spots.

The first group of sunspots, named AR3490, turned toward the Sun’s near side on November 18, above the star’s northeast shoulder. The dark spot was quickly followed by another group of sunspots, AR3491, which trailed in its wake, Spaceweather.com reported.

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