6 Best Robot Vacuums to Buy on Black Friday 2023

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Shark was not a competitive player in the hybrid game until its release in winter 2022. While the introduction of a cleaning pad in Shark’s smartest robot vacuum is huge in itself, the Shark AI Ultra 2-in-1 also welcomes a new feature ideal for carpeted homes with pets.

The Matrix Clean system shines equally well during wet and dry cleaning. When vacuuming regularly, it delivers 30% better carpet cleaning (compared to older RV Shark models) by digging deeper into the carpet and making multiple passes in a crosshatch pattern to loosen and catch debris from multiple angles . “Matrix” also applies to the AI ​​Ultra’s mop, which vibrates 100 times per minute to clean stains.

This Shark robot vacuum also has another remarkable feature: spot cleaning mode. If your pets have made an area of ​​your home extra sticky, send this hybrid vacuum to scrub the floors. Spot cleaning isn’t unique in the world of robot vacuums, but few vacuums do it better than Shark.

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Pet hair is stubborn and often requires the “and one for good measure” approach when it comes to cleaning. If you expect true deep cleaning (beyond the super visible surface-level shedding) from a potential robot vacuum, you’ll appreciate the extra effort that the latest Shark vacuums put into even dirty spots. if they have already gone through them once.

Although the Shark Matrix 2-in-1 would be ideal for fully carpeted rooms, it is probably best for homes without thick carpets, as the robot requires you to manually report rugs or carpets in the app and cannot Do not vacuum while the robot is in use. the water tank is attached. If you want to save a little money, you can skip the auto-drain and pay less than $300 if the vacuum is on sale, but the auto-drain feature is especially useful for pet hair and allergy sufferers.

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