3 dramas on Freevee to watch in November

Next year, Amazon Prime Video will move to an ad-supported streaming format in its standard tier. Essentially, Prime Video will do the same thing as Amazon Freevee, except Freevee is truly free. You don’t even need to be a Prime subscriber to see Freevee’s awesome lineup of movies.

Our drama picks for Freevee this month include an autobiographical tale of delayed justice, a World War II drama, and an unexpected return to one of the deadliest serial killers in American history. These are the three dramas on Freevee you should watch in November.

The Hurricane (1999)

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During the 1999 awards season, The hurricane was criticized for certain liberties in the storyline that did not correspond to reality. But the heart of the story is true. Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter (Denzel Washington) was a rising boxer in 1966 when he and his friend were wrongly convicted of three murders based on false testimony.

While Carter has languished in prison for two decades, a young child, Lesra Martin (Vicellous Reon Shannon), makes it her mission to prove that Carter is innocent so that her hero can be released from prison. Lesra keeps that promise, even though he’s had plenty of help along the way and faced a lifetime of injustice.

Watch The hurricane on Freevee.

Allies (2016)

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard in Allies
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Back to the future director Robert Zemeckis directed Ally, a World War II drama starring Brad Pitt as Canadian Air Force officer Max Vatan. During a mission in 1942, Max met and fell in love with French resistance fighter Marianne Beauséjour (The Black Knight Rises‘ Marion Cotillard). Max even convinces Marianne to marry him and they move to England to start a family.

Unfortunately for Max, his happy family life may not be what it seems. In 1944, Max learns that Marianne may be a German spy who assumed Marianne’s true identity. And if Max cannot prove Marianne’s innocence, he will have to execute her personally, otherwise he will share the punishment for her betrayal.

Watch Ally on Freevee.

My Friend Dahmer (2017)

A quiet moment in My Friend Dahmer
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My friend Dahmer is not a horror film, but it features a monster in the making. Based on the graphic novel of the same name by John Backderf, My friend Dahmer is based on the true story of the friendship Backderf and his circle of friends attempted to form with Jeffrey Dahmer (Ross Lynch) while attending the same high school.

Backderf and his friends could never have guessed that the awkward kid they knew would become one of America’s most infamous serial killers. But the signs are everywhere in this film, as Dahmer becomes more and more detached from reality and his fantasies take violent directions until there is no one left to save Dahmer or his future victims from his dark impulses.

Watch My friend Dahmer on Freevee.

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